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Memory Improvement Techniques– How to Improve Memory   "How You Can Unlock The Secrets To A Perfect, Computer Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day" Breakthrough combination of Memory Improvement teaching and training techniques will show you how to boost your memory power and see maximized results faster than ever before! "Dave, you have literally hit it right on the nail with this one! I can think of no better way to improve one's memory than to do so with your complete, all-inclusive package... Just the software alone is well worth the price of what you're offering!" --- Yeo Feng The Technology Marketing Guru Dear Friend, Does this sound like you? Have you ever been frustrated with yourself for failing to remember even the simplest things in life? Things like birthdays, telephone numbers or even places where you left your keys? If you blame all that to having a naturally poor memory, you are about to read something that will improve the quality of your life dramatically! The Truth about your Memory The truth is out: The human brain is undisputedly powerful. Researchers have found that both parts of our brain (the left and right cortexes) work together 100% of the time to capture every single piece of information we feed to it. Now let's think about this for a moment... You have with you right now, an amazing storage facility that FAR exceeds any super computer ever built, envisioned or designed. It's up to you to use it to the fullest! I can almost hear you crying out loud: Why then is it so difficult to remember shopping lists, or all the nitty gritty stuff I need to know? The answer is simple: Your memory is untrained. In fact, anyone who remembers things by rote is putting his untrained memory to work. To harness the full capabilities of your brain, you need to use a combination of techniques that can UNLEASH the collaborative power of both brain hemispheres. Your Left Hemisphere is responsible for... words logic numbers sequence linearity analysis lists Your Right Hemisphere is responsible for... rhythm spatial awareness the big picture imagination daydreaming color dimension And trust me, once you have mastered this truly valuable skill of flash memorization, you will never ever want to remember anything the "hard" way! Think of how your life will be like if you can: Remember the names of hundreds of associates, business partners, friends and family without ever having to refer to a notepad or rolodex   Effortlessly remember important dates, appointments, meetings and schedules weeks, months or even years ahead without missing a single one!   Painlessly remember information that will boost your career, skyrocket your grades and save yourself the sheer inconvenience of having to carry thick references The Truth about Conventional Memory Training Up till now, memory training has been confined to reading memory books or attending expensive memory workshops, but one problem still remains... There is simply no way for you to practice your new-found arsenal of skills! Most people read a memory book with great enthusiasm, make note of a few  techniques for later use and then chug it away forever, never to use them again... They blame the techniques on being tedious and difficult to apply. What you really need is a fun way to learn and "test drive" these techniques so that you can put them to use in the real world like an old timer! That's why I'm so excited about what I have to offer you today. Everything you need to know about improving your memory... In this e-book jam-packed with memory improvement tips and examples, I walk you through 12 mind blowing techniques you can put to use immediately: Link Method - How to create outrageous connections between seemingly unrelated items and remember virtually anything in the right order   Peg Method - How to remember long running lists and have the ability to recall any item in the list, regardless of position   Loci System - Tap into the ancient wisdom of the Romans and learn this time tested and proven method of attaining a photographic memory   Journey System - A fun method that you will enjoy using time and time again! (Hint: It involves imaginary traveling!)   Number System - If you know how to call out numbers in the right order, you can exploit the number system to your full advantage!   Alphabet Method - Learn how to use the alphabetical system already ingrained in your memory to remember more stuff   Major System - One of the most powerful systems ever developed to memorize lists, numbers or words. Learn this and you will always have a "secret weapon" up your sleeves   Story Formation - Learn the new twist on this old method that makes it unbelievably easy to instantly form stories that will stick in your head (I teach you 8 ways to make anything stand out)   Connection Technique - Learn how to attach new information to bits of old ones and expand your mental ability   FLAT - Get things memorized the FLAT way and shorten the time you need to remember by up to 70%   Snapshot Technique - How to overcome the traditional problem of not being able to "visualize" numbers. Once you have mastered this method, you will have no problems with long, running strings of numbers   Phonetic Number Technique - Using this one single cheat sheet comprising of just 10 items, you will be able to virtually imprint numbers, words and information in your mind on demand! Don't worry if it all sounds like Greek to you at the moment, because after reading this instantly downloadable ebook you will be shown step by step, right down to the letter how to put them to immediate use and practice! Plus the exclusive Memory Game that allows you to have fun while learning... I certainly do not want you to spend time reading up on these techniques, and then put them away without ever giving them a try. That's why as part of this exclusive package, I included a special, not found elsewhere Memory Game Software. This memory game literally automates and speeds up your memory improvement process! Just play this flash card game whenever you feel like taking a break from your daily activities and see the improvements for yourself. By learning how to link words to numbers and visuals and have immense fun at the same time, you will be able to spend endless hours reinforcing what you have learnt earlier!   Have fun while practicing the memory improvement tips and techniques covered in the book   Hone your real world memorization skills by remembering words, numbers and images (The 3 vital ways in which information is presented to us today)   Track your progress with an inbuilt score system that shows you the number of hits and misses you have 5 Minutes is all you need...If you just take 5 minutes each day to train your memory using some of the most fun, interesting and enjoyable methods I'm going to teach you, you will achieve more than you ever had in life! Let's face it - Society credits those who have a decently good memory as intelligent people. People who can rattle off facts and figures, remember glossy details and make brilliant speeches off the cuff are often credited as the brightest people amongst us. They are the ones who get the promotions, the scholarships and all the "good things" we have come to know in life. How would you like to... Never forget the name of anyone you meet   Improve your performance while studying / working less   Create mental, running lists consisting of hundreds to thousands of items without missing any single one   Remember everything you read, hear or see The change in your quality of life will be tremendous! Trust me, once you master these techniques and use them, boundless opportunities will come your way... It's like having your own super computer fired up, right next to you 24 hours of the day! Special, Time Limited Bonuses Since you have read until here, you must belong to one of the few who truly realize the importance and edge a good memory can give you, not just in your career but in life. Improving your memory is truly the first step to making more money and doing so much more than right now! Since it is to your extreme advantage that you act immediately, I will throw in the following bonuses just for giving this product a try. Bonus #1: 010 Memorizer Software ($19.95) We all know that memorizing numbers can be a real pain. That's why this software does all the nitty gritty work for telling you exactly what to memorize! Yes, it turns ANY number into an easily recognizable and remembered word. Now wouldn't that make your life much easier? Truth be told, this piece of software retails separately for a full $19.95. If you go out there and purchased it for yourself, that is how much it would cost you. But I love it so much and find it to be such a great addition to my memory improvement "arsenal" of techniques that I have purchased the rights to it so I can give it to you for free! Bonus #2: Classic Memory Books Library ($49.95) If you order this Memory Improvement package right now, you will also receive this priceless gem consisting of 3 classic memory improvement books! Worth $49.95, the amount of information you get out of these are not only time tested but also extremely valuable! I have a good mind to sell these books separately for $49.95 so get them now while this offer is still on. These are not some cheaply available e-books or a few hasty pages put together. Here's what you get: Assimilative Memory Book by Professor A. Loseitte - This amazing, hundred plus page book teaches you a multitude of special techniques you need to remember names of those you meet and master foreign languages   Methods of Mind Training by Catherine Aiken - This system developed by teacher Catherine Aiken exposes the raw essentials behind classroom learning. Learn everything from numbers, items, poetry to even music!   The Pelman Method of Mind and Memory Training (4 volumes) - How to train and shape your mind to function like a super-concentrated laser beam that will pick out under-the-radar details every single time. (Just the information presented here is worth the cost of the entire package!)   Bonus #3: Cue Cards Software ($29.95) This software is specially designed for students of all ages wanting to learn a subject well and fast! Now you no longer have to worry about missing out important points, last minute cramming and mental blackouts by creating a set of "virtual" flashcards. Click Here to Order the ENTIRE package - Only $37 Make this decision to change your life now Frankly speaking, whether you make this choice to improve your memory or otherwise is completely up to you. My life will not change much if you decide to just live with a "less than satisfactory" memory for the rest of your life, since I have already changed mine for the better. In fact, I'm enjoying every single bit of it! Either you can continue living life the way it is for the next 1, 10, 20 and more years or seek to change it right here, right now! Do you need years of education? No! If you can read this letter, you can get started immediately and unlock the keys to a better memory tomorrow...   Do you need long periods of training? Absolutely not! If you can spare just 5 minutes a day applying these techniques, I guarantee that you will see an amazing improvement in your memory.   Does it matter how OLD or YOUNG you are? No! Memory training has nothing to do with age, and research has conclusively proven that it is possible to train your memory at ANY age! Click Here to Order Now - Only $37 For the price, you get unbelievable value For the special price of $37, you get the ENTIRE package inclusive of 3 bonus items (worth well over $100) and my personal 60 day, money back guarantee! Given the change in your life this can bring you, I have no qualms selling this at $97 or well over a hundred dollars. (My competitors who are offering it at that price are not even offering a quarter of the stuff I'm giving you) But I want you to give it a try and see the improvements for yourself. Let me be blunt, if you pass this up now, you will live the remaining of your life functioning well below your brain's maximum capacity! The choice is yours! Make the right one. Entire Memory Package - Only $37 Your E-Books and Software will be available immediately for download. This is a limited time offer ONLY!!  To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts, click here to order today!

P.S. Don't delay and order my Memory Improvement Package for a one time low price of $37 immediately! You get my memory improvement e-book filled with 12 mind blowing techniques, memory improvement software and the 3 bonus items! Reserve your Memory Improvement Course today. Don't spend money on another memory improvement product until you have checked this out! P.P.S. I'm so confident that this will give you a better memory the moment you start using it that if you don't within 60 days, just ask for a complete 100% refund! Plus you get to keep all the amazing bonus items. You have nothing to lose! Click here to place YOUR order NOW!!

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