has a great selection of twitter icons and buttons.


  • Enter you twitter username and click 'Generate' button.
  • Copy the code
  • Paste it on your web site template

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As social networking sites like Twitter are the main force on the networking scenes, almost everyone has a Twitter account. It's fun to use Twitter to keep your friends updated as to your status by sending SMS, instant messages and using various other Twitter applications. Twitter is a free social networking site that has millions of members and thousands more joining everyday.

However, getting a sufficient number of people to follow your Twitter account takes some doing. One way to get people to follow you is to link your Twitter account to the websites, blogs or forums, thus making good use of an online profile that you already have.

Using an attractive button or a widget to link your Twitter account to your website, forum, blog or online profile will ensure that your friends, customers or subscribers follow your tweets. Twitter buttons is a tool that allows you to create a badge to promote your Twitter account.

How does this work? It's quite simple... Enter your Twitter ID in the box below and click GO. Click "Copy Code" of any button of your choice, paste it on your Blog or Web Page, and let others follow you. That's it! Enjoy tweeting and get some targeted traffic to your online business.

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